In the early knocking of Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner sets off for an evening stroll through a field of head-high corn on his farm in rural Iowa. Much to his surprise and confusion, he hears the immortal words “if you build it, he will come”, whispered by a disembodied voice floating on the wind. His bewilderment magnifies when a vision of a baseball diamond appears before him.

Putting two and two together and coming up with a grand slam home run, he grabs a shovel and creates a baseball field. It’s what anybody would do. After an unremitting series of toils and tribulations are condensed into a further ninety minutes, almost everyone in the film ends up happy and the viewers who have managed to successfully suspend their disbelief are bawling their eyes out.

The only problem is that the “if you build it, he will come” line has been mangled over the past three decades, so that it is often credited as being “if you build it, they will come”.

Many businesses take this misquoted approach to websites. Just because you have one doesn’t mean that many people are going to be able to find it. Having a new website is only the start of attracting new custom online. Welcome to the Field of Reality.


The truth of the matter is that a mediocre website which has been optimised is almost always going to attract more organic traffic than an outstanding one which has been left to its own devices. It’s something we see daily and is hugely frustrating.

If you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of pounds on a new website, you should have every expectation that it will be able to compete against other sites in the same niche. Ultimately, we believe that many web design companies who make a site, but either offer no, or the bare minimum of optimisation options, are selling their clients horrendously short.

Designing and building a website, even one with all the bells and whistles you can think of, is only half of the job. Most businesses have a presence on social media these days, and although you will bring in some visitors if you engage with your target market there, those numbers die off if you don’t keep tweeting, uploading images to Instagram, or post regularly on Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Organic traffic – which is when customers find you on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or any other search engine – is harder to come by initially, but it should be the bread and butter for most businesses once their site has bedded in.

Search engine optimisation isn’t rocket science, but it does involve logic, a strong knowledge of the latest industry developments, and increasingly an ability to write strong copy. Rather than tell you about all the different aspects of it here, we have a page dedicated to our SEO services and packages.

The simple bottom line is: if your website has never been optimised, it will benefit from SEO.

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