Environmental Infographic for Balfour Beatty

At Think Design, we pride ourselves on being able to communicate clear and compelling messages, so when we were approached by the marketing team of Balfour Beatty, based in London, to create an infographic, we jumped at the opportunity. 

Balfour Beatty, collaborated with eftec and Forest Trends, set us the brief to create an infographic that would help to both illustrate and communicate the benefits of delivering Biodiversity Net Gain, which is a way of ensuring that the nature surrounding a building project is left in a more beneficial condition than it was to begin with. This generates several benefits for both society and the economy.

This infographic communicates the value of the community benefits generated by achieving Biodiversity Net Gain on a project. As part of the design process it’s important that on any given project we understand the content before beginning. This is an important stage for any creative project, because it’s not always possible to communicate a message that isn’t immediately obvious to begin with. It was important that the infographic included all the relevant key points in an easy to follow manner.

The content provided to us was very data heavy and complicated to understand in parts.  This next stage of the project was to simplify the messaging and break the content down into easier to understand areas of information with the ultimate goal being to design and produce an infographic that was consistent with the corporate style of Balfour Beatty, but was easy to read, clear to navigate through and to make the information clear and concise.

The infographic is split into three sections: Before work commences, during works and delivering Biodiversity Net Gain. This was achieved by breaking down the information into small, digestible chunks, and using illustrations to further communicate the content, which the team at Balfour Beatty really appreciated.

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