Creation of a new brand style for ConQuest

Sometimes it it just time to rebrand. And that was certainly the case for ConQuest Ltd, a software development business in Bolton. They are a popular and well renowned within the construction business that they provide their robust and innovative estimating software for, so marketing the business has never been much of a priority on the 25 plus years the business has been established.

We were approach last September, after a referral from another of of customers, Balfour Beatty to look at their brochure. With a dated logo, and almost non existent style, the it wasn’t long before we agreed with the customer that rather than refresh their brochure, we really needed to look at an full rebrand, starting with creating a number of logo designs for the business and complimentary logos for the sub brands.

Sometimes this process takes a little longer and it was became apparent and important as the project progressed that they wanted to retain a degree of their old identity. This directed the design a particular direction, but we eventually got there.

The next stage was to roll out through a set of brand guidelines which included, but not exclusive too, typography and font usage, colours, logo sets, stationery design, banner and display graphics, brochure design, publication advertising, and more.

The brand guidelines also had to include rules and guidelines for all the sub brands and also adhere to the new stye that had been developed from the new logo.

The new style has now been applied to their website by their incumbent web agency agency and the response from their customer base has been extremely positive.

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