Calderpeel Architects brochure design

I was very excited when Manchester architects, Calderpeel, asked me to design and print a coffee table brochure for their 25th anniversary.

Approaching the brochure design

Calderpeel people are passionate about what they do. They believe that great building design brings positive benefits to us all. They combine this belief with an exceptional ability to solve their client’s problems. Armed with this knowledge we created a concept of Calderpeel breathing life in to buildings….creating a life form.

The design

We split the brochure into four sections to showcase their experience in rural, urban, city, and master planning architecture. This helped inform the design. We chose a typeface which helped tell the story and increased the weight throughout the journey; from sparsely populated rural projects through to complex city projects.

Each section featured a selection of their best building work. We wrote a narrative that guided the reader through each project using a nice clean design. The stories were brought to life with photography by Mike Black Photographer

The print

The print specification mirrored the quality of the architectural design showcased:

• Printed four colour process accented with two metallic inks
• Section sewn for a high quality binding
• Subtle embossing on the cover
• Printed on gorgeous paper (supplied by Fenner Paper).

I had the plates produced using Satin FM screening. This random dot technique meant we avoided image distortion on the roof tiles and brickwork – something that you can’t avoid with traditional screening.

The packaging

We also made an eye-catching outer package to send the brochure out in. We designed a twist and lock envelope which held the piece within an inner section. The outer pack helped to create excitement about the content inside and added to the celebration of Calderpeel’s fantastic work.

I was really pleased with how it turned out, and so were Calderpeel!

Cover design of Calderpeel Brochure Double page spread design of Calderpeel Brochure Double page spread design of Calderpeel Brochure Double page spread design of Calderpeel Brochure Design of Calderpeel Brochure packaging

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