Brochure design for BIMA

Brochure design for BIMA, a community of digital industry experts.

BIMA is the British Interactive Digital Association and have wide ranging membership from small agencies to huge tech businesses. We work within this sector with our brochure website work, but a graphic designers we work across many different media including branding and design for print. So we were delighted and excited to have been asked by BIMA’s marketing manager, Rachel Johnson, to design a report for them. 

The subject was artificial intelligence (Ai) and went into a lot of detail about what roll Ai would have in the digital sector, but also the wider use. With all design projects like this the first task was work out a pagination from the supplied copy. It was whilst reading this that we were hit with a real prospect that us graphic designers could all be out of work. In the opening section the report mentioned that one of the first rolls they expect could be automated was graphic design! 

It was after the report was published that Paul attended a BIMA dinner where Microsoft (a leading light in Ai development) were the hosts. Let’s just say that we all felt relieved when a senior Microsoft engineer explained that they don’t ever expect Ai to supersede creativity! Phew!

Using the BIMA brand guidelines as a starting point, we developed a clean and readable design that communicated the information in a clean and engaging way. 

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