Lyfesure are an insurance company with a difference. The Manchester based startup was founded on a personal mission to educate a typically younger demographic of professional people and younger families, the right way, on how planning for future possibilities is a necessity but doesn’t have to be a struggle.

At the start of 2019, the Managing Director Jonathon, approached the team Think Design with the prospect of producing a logo, developing a brand identity and designing and building their website. After a fun, informative and successful meeting, he commissioned us to create something different.

The first step was to create a visual identity that was welcoming, bright, happy and relaxed, which conveyed that message that getting life insurance could be stress free, and ‘a reason to smile’. This line of thinking was key and led into the concept for the chosen logo design, with the letter shape of the ‘u’ created to represent a friendly and smiling face.

The next stage was developing the new brand style and rolling it out across the website design. The smile device from the logo played a key role in the visual identity throughout the design of the website, being used in hero messaging, icons and various other graphics. A bright supporting colour palette was chosen to compliment the 2 primary colours, this was paired with strong imagery used across the website. A series of icons were also developed for each service, strengthening and expanding the brand’s visual identity.

You can see the full site here.

As with all our websites, it was designed to be mobile friendly and have quick load times. Both of these are important elements in delivering a well optimised website with good SEO, which you can find more about here.

Jonathon said, “Just want to give a big shout out to Think Design for developing the Lyfesure website and logo and doing an incredible job! Check out the website to see how talented these guys really are!
Highly recommend the customer service and attention to detail. MD Paul Grogan is a genius!”

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