Brand identity evolution for Penrillian

With an existing logo design already in place, Penrillian realised the importance of a strong and clear brand identity. Penrillian work for sector leading high profile brands and they wanted to ensure their brand identity was as clear and consistent as possible. At this point they approached me to do a comprehensive review of the brand identity. Then I was tasked to write, design and produce a set of brand guidelines. From logo usage, typography, and brochure design through to Word templates I successfully rationalised Penrillian’s brand identity under one dynamic and consistent look.

Reviewing and designing a brand identity guidelines document

Many small businesses start out with nothing more than a logo done in Paint or something similar. Then as they grow, the business requirements increase. In Penrillian’s case they had a nicely designed logo but the various aspects of the brand toolkit had become diluted and wasn’t as strong as it could be.

I started with first reviewing all the items currently in use. Once complete and any problems identified, I worked closely with their team to find out how Penrillian wanted to be portrayed and apply that to a set of brand values. Once these had been approved I took the one key requirement of keeping the logo untouched, and I set about writing and designing the brand identity guidelines to reinforce these brand values.

• A flexible but logical set of sizes and minimum clear space rules were written to help them use their logo consistently.
• Brand colours were rationalised
• Typographic rules are created that covered external and internal usage.
• All word templates are scrapped and redesigned in a consistent and easy to use way, including proposal, technical document and weekly contact reports
• Rules were created to help govern the use of the company strapline and its relationship with the logo
• A brand device was created from the ‘counter’ on the P in the logo to help reinforce the design
• Copywriting standards were written
• Business stationery was designed
• Electronic templates were designed and created
• Case study templates were designed and created
• An external market communication style was developed

Six years on, these guidelines are still in use today. As a result Penrillian’s brand recognition has never been stronger. It just goes to show that sometimes it’s worth making a small investment early on rather than having to retrospectively fix the problem.

Penrillian's new brand identity guidelines

Penrillian's new brand identity guidelines template usage

Penrillian's new brand identity guidelines logo usage

Penrillian's new brand identity guidelines logo sizes

Penrillian's new brand identity guidelines colours and font usage

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